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Hi, my name is Carrie, and I wanted to share some updates on my journey with you all.
Quite a lot has happened since putting the website together and launching my business in the Summer of 2020. I have been busy practicing and learning new skills to bring forth to my clients. Most recently I have been playing with my voice, and using toning in my healing sessions. It is extremely powerful in helping to release blocked energy, break up stuck energy, and healing all at the same time.
I was unsure about the toning, and using my voice in front of others. This meant that I had to face my fears of being heard and being judged for it, but the more I resisted the more it persisted. I had a wonderful friend who was pushing me to let my voice be heard as it has helped her so much. But I was still scared and reserved about it. In September of 2020 we went to Sedona, AZ for a manifestation retreat. While we were there doing a galactic contact event my friend had asked me to tone, and I tried and dabbled a little but I felt nervous and uncomfortable. I was literally surrounded by a group of people who I knew and who were probably all cheering me on, yet it was still difficult, in response I said ” I can only tone during healing sessions”. The next morning after watching the sunrise on Aiport Mesa vortex, after most the people had dispersed I decided I would meditate and do some toning. About 10 minutes after I started I opened my eyes and saw a woman laying on the vortex crying having a release, I asked if I could help her, and we began doing energy work on her, while toning on a vortex site in Sedona!!! The Universe literally gave me what I asked for!!! I decided after this event and many other synchronicities that I have to face my fears and move forward, and I have been doing just that. So although the toning is relatively a new modality for me to be using, it is imbued with other healing modalities and intentions and combined it makes a really powerful healing session. The above image is a picture taken after the experience on Airport Mesa, where the woman was thanking us for helping her. Oh and I forgot to mention the entire thing was recorded and put on youtube! It was one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of my life. To be supported by 2 complete strangers and told to share my gift. The message was crystal clear and I am working on doing just that. Bear with me while I figure out the technological aspects to getting it recorded and up to share with you all, it is in the works.

In recent weeks my friend Whitney and I have started to do FREE Facebook live oracle/angel card readings to offer sample of what a private reading would be like and to give people a chance to interact with us, get to know us, and book a session if called. We are still working on a schedule but right now we are doing a live at least twice a month.

I am also running a Reiki Share with a few friends at Nourishing Journey in Columbia Maryland once a month. It is donation based and anyone is welcome to join regardless of skill level. You do not need to have any prior experience to try it out. If you are curious about energy healing this is an ideal way to see for yourself how it works.
To see when the next one is visit

A couple of weeks ago I took my Karuna Reiki Master Teacher class. It was a wonderful experience and I have been having an influx of ideas of things I want to create as I hone this modality.

I am excited about what is to come and working with new people and being able to be of service by helping others.
I will update you all again soon.

With Love,

Navarre Beach Florida, Divinely Guided retreat April 2021

May 23, 2021,

Hi Again,

It has been a while since I have made any updates to my page since starting my website a year ago! Wow, I can’t believe it has been a year already, time is just flying by! What a journey it has been, there have been ups and downs and everything in between, but through it all I am grateful for all that I have. I am grateful for each one of you and your support along the way. Thank you!

In April I attended the Divinely Guided retreat in Navarre Beach, Florida. We stayed at a beautiful beach house directly across the street from the beach! It was such a serene and beautiful experience. We ate healthy high vibe food cooked by Whit and myself, connected with other beautiful souls, enjoyed the ocean, galactic contact, and profound releases and healing. Releasing into the ocean all that was no longer serving our highest path so that we could move forward renewed. It was a beautiful experience and I have seen many shifts in myself and others since the retreat. What retreat would be complete without a spontaneous healing session? What an empowering experience for us all, this also allowed me to really step up into my power and use my gift, my voice, and know how it can really penetrate to the core of the issues and allow for profound releases. I no longer feel resistance to accepting my power, my voice! In honor of this, I have recorded a sample healing through toning which is on the HOME page of the website. I hope you will enjoy it and it will help you realign whenever needed!

I will be working in the coming months in recording more healing through toning tracks with more specific focus and hope to have more to share soon.

Currently I am doing Facebook Live Card readings every Friday at 7pm EST, you can join the live by following my business page Ethereal Energy Healing on Facebook. It is Free/Donation based and always a fun time. I hope to see you there.

I am so grateful to be on this journey, meeting amazing souls, and co-creating beautiful projects. There is so much magic and wonder in the world, sometimes we just need to look a little deeper. The first step is self love, do you really love yourself? What is that voice in your head saying? What is the chatter? Where is your focus? If you can start to observe your thoughts, the way you talk to yourself and just notice when you are criticizing yourself, casting judgement on others, and when upset by a situation justifying right or wrong, noticing how we are responding to outside situations and how we are feeling internally. The first step is to step into an observer mode and start to notice our behaviors and realizing that every time we are upset, sad, hurt, or have any reaction to an outside situation, it is only because there is a “hook” or resonance to this frequency within us that we need to heal. So ask yourself why am I upset, sad, hurt by this? What situation or situations in my past have I felt this way or experienced this? From this point we can start to heal, but we have to continue to question to get to the root cause, the point when we were younger where we didn’t have a voice or the tools to understand and we shut down. Now once you are there, listen to a healing meditation, ask the angels to help you transmute this energy into positive energy to help you thrive moving forward. Love yourself as if you were your own child, YOU know exactly what you need in all moments, so who better to love yourself than YOU. We are so much more capable than we have been led to believe, and we can heal on so many levels. We have been led astray in many ways, led to believe that healing is something that occurs outside of us and that we have no control. If you dig a little deeper you will see this is not the case at all, that there are situations and circumstances that warrant this kind of intervention, but most things can be healed in alternative manners. Why do we only believe in magic as a child? We have to come back into belief, that we are the creators of our own reality and that everything we see outside is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of us, only then can we start to move from where we are and start to create what we desire. We have to have FAITH and TRUST in ourselves and in our own untapped potential. We have to BELIEVE that we can change any circumstance.

In these times I feel like it is more important than ever for us to come back to a space of SELF LOVE and getting to know ourselves. It is only in the knowing of who you are and what truly drives you as a soul that you can find the happiness everyone is seeking outside.

If you feel like you need help, coaching, healing. Please feel free to reach out. I would love to work with you. If finances are standing in the way of you contacting me, please private message me and we will figure out a way to make it work. It is an energy exchange, and that can be done in different ways, so lets talk and see how we can co-create your best life together. I look forward to co-creating and connecting with you! Thank you as always for your Love and Support.

with love and gratitude,


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